Our Values

Local Platform

The Tongass Democrats local platform, which is in harmony with the state party’s platform, explains what we believe to be the building blocks of good government. These are the values we expect our local leaders to uphold.

CIVIC ENGAGEMENT: We expect our locally-elected government to be transparent and welcoming of public participation in its meetings and encouraging of public involvement in its boards and commissions.

QUALITY EDUCATION: We believe in our public educational system and support efforts to expand the reach of pre-K programs in Juneau. We support a strong University of Alaska Southeast, not only because of the opportunities it creates for post-secondary education, but also for the role it plays in our economy.

GOOD GOVERNMENT: We recognize the importance of effective governmental services (ranging from public safety to libraries and from planning to docks and harbors) and infrastructure development because they are the foundation of a robust private sector and a healthy community. We accept our obligation to pay for these services.

ECONOMIC SECURITY: We celebrate the breadth of economic activity in Juneau and acknowledge that all contribute to our well-being. These include traditional sectors like government, mining, fishing and tourism, but also encompass new ventures and entrepreneurs. We strongly support organized labor, collective bargaining, and the use of project labor agreements in our public construction.

PUBLIC HEALTH: We seek a healthy community where everyone has access to affordable, quality care. We support Bartlett Regional Hospital’s efforts to offer a wide spectrum of services, making use of ever-advancing technologies. We support strong parks and recreational activities and wellness programs in Juneau. We support community-wide efforts to address the opioid epidemic as well as the commitment of resources to combat alcohol and other drug abuse.

TRANSPORTATION: We are entirely dependent upon transportation into and out of Juneau. We view the airport as a major community asset. We champion a revitalized marine highway system–not only for our benefit, but for that of our surrounding neighbors.

HOUSING: We laud efforts to provide a full range housing for our residents. We support local government efforts to promote an adequate supply of affordable housing, shelter for the homeless and alternative living for senior citizens and those with special needs.

CLIMATE CHANGE. We support the CBJ Climate Action Plan and endorse the city’s goal to reduce its carbon emissions by 25 percent by 2032. We encourage the city’s participation in collaborative efforts by governments at all levels to respond to climate change. We believe that our response should be driven by science, not by politics.

CIVIL LIBERTIES AND CIVIL RIGHTS: We celebrate our diversity in all of its fullness. We expect our local government to be on the forefront of all efforts to assure equal dignity and justice for all.

Adopted 2017.