Nadine Lefebvre
Nadine is a long-time activist supporting progressive causes and candidates. She is enjoying the security of a defined-benefit pension and wants everyone to have the opportunity for a life of dignity during and after their working years.

Vice Chair

Edric Carrillo
Edric, a first-generation Filipino-American from Juneau, embodies a spirited blend of community service and leadership. He has served as the President of the Filipino Community Inc., and is a past Chair of Tongass Democrats.



Are you a behind-the-scenes kind of person who wants to help out? The Secretary position may be for you! Our Secretary attends meetings, either in person or via Zoom, and writes up the minutes. If you are interested in this position, email to connect with Nadine.
If you are detail oriented and want to make a difference, consider volunteering to be the Tongass Democrats Treasurer. The Treasurer keeps track of our financial information and files our APOC reports. Not sure what an APOC report is? No worries - training is available! Contact Nadine at to learn more.