Chair’s Corner: What is the Statewide Central Committee?

As I shared in my last post, the Alaska Democratic Party (ADP) is organized by its Plan of Organization (aka “Party Plan”), adopted at the 2016 State Convention. Today I’ll explain ADP’s organizational structure and how the Tongass Democrats operate within it. Continue reading

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Tea Cup Reads for a Last Sunday

Here are some things for you to enjoy with your Sunday morning tea. But, first, let me: 1) remind you there’s a rally at 11 this morning for the Affordable Care Act and you should go; and 2) mention 2 tools I’ve added to the site. Continue reading

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Why you should join me at the ACA rally tomorrow

The Bad News: The U.S. House and Senate last week voted to begin the process of killing the ACA; the procedural bill had no replacement healthcare plan and no requirement that a replacement be enacted before the ACA ended.

The Good News: This is just the beginning of the fight, folks, and you have a chance to join the contest tomorrow.

What: Tongass Young Democrats rally in support of the ACA

Date: Sunday, January 15 (tomorrow!)

Time: 11 AM – 12 PM

Where: Alaska State Capitol Steps, Juneau

Level Up: Invite a friend!

Read on to see what our delegation did. Continue reading

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Act now to protect healthcare

I hope you saw Nancy’s blast email* about the national Democratic Day of Action for the ACA being hosted in Juneau by the Tongass Young Democrats.

We need to show local, statewide, and national politicians that we are paying attention to what they are doing with the Affordable Care Act. Even though the ACA is imperfect, it’s better than what we had before – by a LOT – and now is the time to protect healthcare.

What: rally in support of the ACA

Date: this Sunday, January 15

Time: 11 AM – 12 PM

Where: Alaska State Capitol Steps, Juneau

Bonus: You can make and bring a sign!

Continue reading

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Meeting follow up: Legislator contact information and more

At the regular monthly meeting on January 5, people asked that we add contact information for legislators to the website.

Done – Just click on the Get Involved! menu item, and you’ll see drop down options for State Legislators and U.S. Congresspeople. Continue reading

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Proof that We are Stronger Together: The Indivisible Guide

Great things happen when we work together. I saw this demonstrated many times at last Thursday’s monthly Tongass Democrats meeting.

Continue reading

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